The Training and Placement Section provides Relevance for students to make it to the best organizations in the Various Fields that exist. The Giants in the corporate world visit the campus on a regular basis, with enviable recruitment offers. Our students have marched up to the expectations of organizations that visit the campus, looking for bright candidates to take up important and emerging responsibilities at their workplace. We have maintained an aura of culture and legacy over the period of innovative growth and excellence. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles, our students have done the most challenging and demanding roles in the industry of, India.

For Resonance International Inc, Placement is that activity that goes simultaneously with the course. The Process regarding Placement Goes as follows:

Establishing Linkages with various Organizations:- Resonance International Inc has tied up approximately organizations throughout the country & this tie-up would be used further for upcoming courses. Based on the course Launch plan, Contacts & tie-ups are established with different organizations so that we have already prepared Professional & Placement agreements.

For Establishing these contacts, Our Placement Team comes into Existence. Two Teams are there:

1. Local Team:- This Team comes into Play at the Local Level for finding Potential & Good Job Opportunities. Canvassing is a part of it where one person go to various shops to find out if there is any vacancy is available.

2. Industrial Team:- This Team Establishes contacts with those potential employers who need skilled, trained & efficient manpower requirements This team establishes tie-ups with different, small & medium organizations as well as their Industry Associations.

3. After Establishing contacts:- Employers are Informed about the student's Profiles, their salary expectations, their Profiles & they are asked to share their recruitment process so that students can be very well ready for the same.

4. Placement Begins: Depending upon the program, the Placement process takes place a few days where Resonance International Inc arranges for the suitable Infrastructure & Mobilise Students for their Long term Placements. The Employers conduct Interviews on the basis of Experience & Training of Student & Issue Employment Letters to selected Candidates.